USMC News From WWII: American Flag Flown In Hail Of Enemy Lead

ENGEBI ISLAND, Eniwetok Atoll, Feb. 19 (Delayed)

Less than 24 hours after landing on this island, the American flag was raised by a of Marines who were among the attacking troops. Using a palm tree whose foliage had been knocked off in the furious naval bombardment which preceded the landing of the American forces, for a flagpole, Marines ran up Old Glory at 0800, with “To the Colors” being sounded on a captured Jap bugle. Snipers made the flag-raising a risky business, but PFC. David B. Whitehurst of Birmingham, Ala., a communications man, climbed the pole and attached the lanyards with Japanese sniper bullets flying all around his head.


Corp. Arthur P. Wright of Culver City, Calif., sounded the colors on the Japanese bugle. He also had the satisfaction of knocking off four of the enemy the previous day. SgtMaj. Bernard R. Dumas of South Paris, Me., and StfSgt. Joseph L. (Larry) Bennett of Adrian, Mich., were color bearers. As “To the Colors” sounded this morning Leathernecks, oblivious of the cracking sniper fire, stood at attention and saluted. They then continued their work of cleaning out the holes where the enemy was dug in.

Sgt. Thomas A. Fisher, combat correspondent.

From the 11March1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron


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