The Marine Corps In World War Two: ‘Proud To Have You’ Says General


Seabees attached to the Fourth Marine Division were warmly congratulated Tuesday on the second anniversary of the founding of their organization. Following is the message of the Division’s Commanding General: “On the second anniversary of the organization of Naval Construction Battalions it is a pleasure to compliment you on your excellent performance of duty in this Division and to wish you well in the days ahead. “Your organization now numbers some 262,000 officers and men, more than 10 per cent of whom are now overseas. “Your reputation of being able to do the impossible in short order has made you a favorite of the Marines with whom you work shoulder to shoulder. “The record of the Seabees on Guadalcanal, Bougainville and all through the Pacific has been one of proud accomplishment and hard work under most extraordinary and trying conditions. “1 know that the officers and men of the Seabees in the Fourth Division are ready and eager to carry on such a proud tradition. “The Marines arc proud to have you wear their uniform and I am proud to have such a fine group under my command.

H. SCHMIDT, Major General, USMC, Commanding, 4th Marine Division.

From the 1 January 1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron

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