The Marine Corps In World War Two: Lt.Col. James Roosevelt Heard On ‘Halls’ Program

Lt.Col. James Roosevelt, who was on the original Raider hit-and-run raid on Makin Island last year and landed last month with Marines at Tarawa, appeared as guest on Wednesday afternoon’s “Halls of Montezuma” radio program, broadcast from the Base theater.
In an interview, Lt.Col. Roosevelt answered the question “Why, after having once captured Makin Island, did our forces leave, not to return again until a year later?”
“The first raid was a hit-and-run mission,” Lt.Col. Roosevelt pointed out. “We were trying out our raider tactics, testing the effectiveness of landing at night undetected from troop-carrying submarines and rubber boats.” Though the original raid was a complete success, the U.S. was not ready at that time to establish and hold a position in the Jap back yard, so the Raiders retired after learning many valuable lessons, Lt.Col. Roosevelt, said.

From the 1 January 1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron

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