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The Marine Corps In World War Two: Girl Squadron Set At Miramar


The Women’s Reserve Squadron, believed to be the first of its kind, was organized at MCAD this week following the arrival of the first enlisted women at the Depot. An officer, 2dLt, Irene S. Gable, and a member of the Navy women’s reserve, PhM2 Marguerite A. King, arrived late last week along with 12 enlisted members of the USMCWR. 1stLt. Ruth Faccitt, who arrived several weeks ago, was appointed CO of the squadron. 2dLt. Mary K. Kline was named executive officer. The squadron occupies newly completed buildings across the highway from the Depot.
Besides barracks, they have their own PX, dispensary and mess hall–and the women will do their own mess duty. Though they did not arrive until the night before Christmas Eve, permanent personnel of the Depot arranged a dance in their honor at the gym last Friday night.
SSgt. Henry “Shorty” Weir and his orchestra, composed of Miramar Marines, played for the affair.

From the 1 January 1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron


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