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USMC Poems: Skivvies

I wonder — Do these new Marines Wear the same as we? Those skivvies with drawstrings. Oh no, that cannot be. The first ones were white cotton And roomy in the seat. So then they made them muddy green, So all of us could not be seen A-runnin’ round the bushes. We used to wash […]

Marine Corps Poems: New Zealand

When we arrived in Wellington From the islands’ shore, I had money on the books And even a little more. I was the chief haircutter I cut them all the same, I even cut the General, He had a heavy mane. If I had done The proper thing As I should, I know, I would […]

USMC Poems: Rifles, Belts and Bayonets

“Rifles, Belts and Bayonets!” It was a daily call Every time we fell out And ranked up by the wall. If you went out for troop and drill In weather hot or weather chill, You could bet you’d better get Those rifles, belts and bayonets. I’d grab them up and run like hell And fall […]

Marine Corps Poems: My Sergeant Done Told Me

Read this out loud to the tune of “My Mama Done Told Me.” My sergeant done told me When I was in boot camp My Sergeant told me, Son, The Corps is a good thing A very good thing, It makes you become A man number one, A U.S. Marine. You’ll go from this boot […]

Marine Corps Poems: Praise the Lord

Now, I ain’t a really ‘Churchy’ kind a guy, No foxhole pledges Have made I. I figured if I got thru this mess I must have been really blest And no sins Need I explain. I know there is a power Out there That keeps things movin’ And all square But since I am Inclined […]

Marine Corps Poems: Seagoing Marines

I don’t suppose You guys have thought About “seagoing Marines.” Like me you tramped The sandy beach, Land was always In our reach, So solid And so firm. But when you stand On a movin’ deck That ain’t too solid, You can expect To be a little Ill at ease. That stuff that lies Below […]

Marine Corps Poems: Must We?

With politicians up to the old wazoo, You gotta’ admit there are quite a few, Must we sit and listen To the old, “I’m a gonna’s” And the stuff they say we gotta do? Now it ain’t hard To see the facts, I say. To me there is no other way To change the present […]

Marine Corps Poems: My Ol’ Rifle

I packed this ol’ rifle over hill and dale, thru soggy jungles and down dusty trails. It has never deserted me, its function did prevail. In a hot fire fight when I was hard pressed it saved my bloody ass when I was distressed. It was an old Springfield, Model ’03, as rugged as a […]

Marine Corps Poems: They Answered the Call

They came from all across the land To fight a war that was not planned. Those soldiers, sailors and Marines, Gave to all their best esteem. They didn’t ask, “What ‘s best for me?” But only what is best for thee. There was no place They did not go, From arctic ice To tropics glow. […]

Marine Corps Poems: Field Rations

Now I ain’t a real gourmet, and think I can safely say That caviar’s not my favorite dish. Truth be told, let me unfold The kind of grub I like. Taters, gravy, and hominy grits And sausages und kraut. Beans and pork, And for what its worth, Most things from the south. So you can […]

Marine Corps Poems: Shooting the Range

I ‘member when I first shot the range, ’twas up at San Luis Obispo and it was strange. We had an early chow and turned out into rain, our ponchos on with rifles in reverse. It wasn’t any fun, in fact it was a curse. We marched up a mountain road a mile or two, […]

Marine Corps Poems: The Old Corps and the New

There’s always been an “Old Corps” No matter when your time. I have heard it spoken of In every port and clime. It seems the way That it was done, ‘Twas always better then. No matter that The Corps was old When they had just begun. Old timers are a cagey bunch, They like the […]

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