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Marine Corps Poetry: My Old Blues

When I lie down For my last snooze, And if I still have The right to choose, Just lay me out Gently, In my old blues. Make sure my brass Is shiny bright, My stripes not askew, My hash marks All arranged For all the boots To view. My blood stripes Smooth along my legs, […]

Marine Corps Poetry: Raggedy Ass Marines

In the days of raggedy-ass Marines, We were spit-shined And damn well clean. Our brass shined like stars Like an officer’s bars, And there warn’t no In between. In the days of raggedy-ass Marines, We scrubbed decks And also latrines. We washed clothes In a bucket, In lye soap We stuck it. And it came […]

Noble Is Our Cause

The boys are gone As we all know To fight a war For some Joe We have never seen Nor heard Who speaks to us In foreign words And swears to god To kill us all lest we defile the planet. We do not understand them Nor do they we, Our worlds are oh So […]

Nobody Did It Better

Ashore they were a rowdy bunch, They took their time to play But once they came aboard It was business all the way. They manned the fifties, The twenties and forties, And a five-inch gun or two. They stood their watches Like good Marines oughta, Their breaks were far and few. They stood a watch […]

Marine Corps Poems: The Great Generation

The called us the “great generation” After we fought the war. We came home to A grateful nation That promised We’d fight no more. Our nation stands Always ready To fight for Rights we adore, And soon we were Back in the foxholes Defending those rights Once more. The nation that We fought for Was […]

Marine Corps Poems: Ode to An Old Marine

I march when I am walking. I stand up straight and tall. I keep me in fair fettle, In case the Corps should call. I know that I am dreaming My time in rank long gone, But still it keeps me ready So I can carry on. I’ve charged the shores of old ‘Canal, And […]

Marine Corps Poems: If I Ever Go To War…

If I ever go to war Mom, Please don’t be afraid. There are some things I must do, To keep the promise that I made. I’m sure there will be some heartache, And I know that you’ll cry tears, But your son is a Marine now, Mom, There is nothing you should fear. If I […]

Marine Corps Poems: MUD!

If ever there was mud, It had to be the crud That lay about On Okinawa’s scene. Of every place They had to be, To take a hill, Or blast a mill, Or march along Some stinkin’ Piece of ground That led to somewhere else Just as muddy as the first, Just so you wouldn’t […]

Marine Corps Poems: A Thirty-Year Man

I’ve tramped the whole world over, My boondockers have gone far. From the Halls of Montezuma To the distance of a star. I’ve splashed ashore on islands, I’ve climbed the distance hills. The sand I got from foreign lands I carry with me still. I treasure my tomorrows, I know not when they’ll end. Perhaps […]

Marine Corps Poems: BOOT

What’s a Private worth, what does it take? Months of struggle, a Marine to make. What he hates the best is living in stress, All in preparation for that final test. Drill Instructors all day long, ending their night, And still seem to be there in reveille’s half light. Drill Instructors all day long, always […]

Marine Corps Poems: When I Was Young

When I was young And in my prime And newly wedded To the Corps, Thought I was hot, Believe it or not, Or so I have been told. My khakis were So neatly pressed, My shirts both Fore and aft. My spit shine Was the envy of Each man From first Unto the last. I […]

Marine Corps Poems: A Sergeant of Marines

You have heard stories told Of men that were bold, And didn’t have an ounce of fear. Now you can believe, Can even conceive, That there really are Some members of that breed. If you want to see the type Of which I write, Then join the The United States Marines. They make sergeants there […]

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