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Marine Corps Poems: I Am A Marine Veteran

I am a Marine veteran Of World War ll, I stand among the many And yet among the few. Our numbers grow smaller As time thins out the ranks, We were the ones who Charged the beaches, The ones who drove the tanks. We drove the dreaded enemy From isle to bloody isle And kept […]

Marine Corps Poetry: Fly Boys

It’s hard to keep your cool when at 15,000 feet and your guns are not as they should be, when the enemy has a bead and you have a need to get the hell out of the sky. You can twist and turn, do all you’ve learned and the bastard seems to never let you […]

He’s Home Again

They sent him home In a metal box, Sealed so none Could see What happens to A good Marine When a rocket hits His Humvee. He was just A very young lad, A Marine He wanted to be So he dropped His graduation And signed away His liberty. He made it through His boot camp, […]

For The Good Of The Corps

The Corps was always good to me, I served it fairly well. But whether I was good for it, I really cannot tell. I slogged and jogged, Toted and packed, I dragged and I did carry. I fought and fired, In heat and mire, In situations scary. Then they finished up the war, Said they […]


Way back yonder in forty one, When the big war had just begun, And I was just dry of ear. I left home Without a tear, Signed up for the “Fightin’ Marines,” Thought I would Have some fun. My big adventure Had begun. Well, they shipped me Off to ‘Diego, where I passed the test […]

Hell, It Ain’t Over

(Ten years after the horrors of 9-11, this seems fitting.) They say it ain’t over, As any fool can see, They got a lot to do ‘Fore it can ever be. There’s shootin’ In the streets, There’s blood Upon the sand, There is a frustration In every native man. He does not realize As yet, […]