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Marine Corps Poems: A Sergeant of Marines

You have heard stories told Of men that were bold, And didn’t have an ounce of fear. Now you can believe, Can even conceive, That there really are Some members of that breed. If you want to see the type Of which I write, Then join the The United States Marines. They make sergeants there […]

Marine Corps Poems: I Found Our Flag

I found our flag a hangin’ On a small town general store. It was faded and ragged, A thing we do deplore. But when I saw the owner Asittin’ on that front porch, I knew why it flew there For he was a man of yore. Beneath his rolled up shirt sleeve, An arm of […]

Marine Corps Poems: Seabags In The Rain

When clouds are gray and lowering And fog obscures the plain, I sometimes think I catch a sight Of seabags in the rain. I know it is a vision Too ethereal to last, But it brings a wisp of sadness And a haunting from the past. We had come ashore at Inchon In Nineteen Fifty-Two— […]

Marine Corps Poems: If I Was The President

(Good advice for whoever winds up being our next Commander In Chief) If I was the President I’ll tell you what I’d do, I’d knock off all the Foreign aid and I’d collect every sou. There would not be A single dime That I’d give away Until our country Was standing tall In each and […]

Marine Corps Poems: Fly Boys

It’s hard to keep your cool when at 15,000 feet and your guns are not as they should be, when the enemy has a bead and you have a need to get the hell out of the sky. You can twist and turn, do all you’ve learned and the bastard seems to never let you […]

Marine Corps Poems: I Am A Marine Veteran

I am a Marine veteran Of World War ll, I stand among the many And yet among the few. Our numbers grow smaller As time thins out the ranks, We were the ones who Charged the beaches, The ones who drove the tanks. We drove the dreaded enemy From isle to bloody isle And kept […]

Marine Corps Poems: The Marine PFC

Well, the Marine Corps has done it, the war is now over. There’ll be no more fighting, we’re sitting in clover. Since old Dugout Doug (in the company of God), Has landed at last on Japanese sod. With his bible in one hand, swagger stick in the other, With his wife and his children, his […]

Marine Corps Poems: New Zealand

When we arrived in Wellington From the islands’ shore, I had money on the books And even a little more. I was the chief haircutter I cut them all the same, I even cut the General, He had a heavy mane. If I had done The proper thing As I should, I know, I would […]

Marine Corps Poems: My Sergeant Done Told Me

Read this out loud to the tune of “My Mama Done Told Me.” My sergeant done told me When I was in boot camp My Sergeant told me, Son, The Corps is a good thing A very good thing, It makes you become A man number one, A U.S. Marine. You’ll go from this boot […]

Marine Corps Poetry Bring Forth the Banner

Now that I’m 80-plus, I wonder how I made it. We fought a war, My buds and I, And lived a life That was no lie. We made the world Just what it is. . . Yet still, somehow, I wonder why? We all came home From war’s demise, We’d done the best we could. […]

Marine Corps Poems: Must We?

With politicians up to the old wazoo, You gotta’ admit there are quite a few, Must we sit and listen To the old, “I’m a gonna’s” And the stuff they say we gotta do? Now it ain’t hard To see the facts, I say. To me there is no other way To change the present […]

Marine Corps Poems: My Ol’ Rifle

I packed this ol’ rifle over hill and dale, thru soggy jungles and down dusty trails. It has never deserted me, its function did prevail. In a hot fire fight when I was hard pressed it saved my bloody ass when I was distressed. It was an old Springfield, Model ’03, as rugged as a […]

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