PGR Mision Alert: SFC Ken Stern USA

The Virginia Patriot Guard Riders has been requested to stand in honor of SFC Ken Stern who passed away after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Ruth

Ken Stern was a retired US Army Special Forces Sergeant First class. He served in 10th SFG, 7th SFG, 19th SFG and as Special Forces instructor at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center over his years of service, he also loved to ride.

This will be a traditional military memorial service, if you do not have a CAC or military ID, please have a government issued photo ID and explain you are attending a memorial service at Fairfax Chapel on post.

This is a flag line only, service at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date

Mission:Flag line only
Where:Fairfax Chapel 5765 21st street(Cornstock Rd) Fort Belvoir Va 22060
Stage 0915
Flag line:10:00

Iron horses preferred cages welcome as always.
Bring your 3×5 flags if you can,military mandated ID and gear required for this mission.
Note:Concealed/carry permits are NOT recognized on military installations and federal reservations,so please do NOT bring a firearm to this mission.
Dress & hydrate accordingly.