PGR Mision Alert: SFC Ken Stern USA

The Virginia Patriot Guard Riders has been requested to stand in honor of SFC Ken Stern who passed away after a long illness. He is survived by his wife Ruth

Ken Stern was a retired US Army Special Forces Sergeant First class. He served in 10th SFG, 7th SFG, 19th SFG and as Special Forces instructor at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center over his years of service, he also loved to ride.

This will be a traditional military memorial service, if you do not have a CAC or military ID, please have a government issued photo ID and explain you are attending a memorial service at Fairfax Chapel on post.

This is a flag line only, service at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date

Mission:Flag line only
Where:Fairfax Chapel 5765 21st street(Cornstock Rd) Fort Belvoir Va 22060
Stage 0915
Flag line:10:00

Iron horses preferred cages welcome as always.
Bring your 3×5 flags if you can,military mandated ID and gear required for this mission.
Note:Concealed/carry permits are NOT recognized on military installations and federal reservations,so please do NOT bring a firearm to this mission.
Dress & hydrate accordingly.


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  1. Tom Lacey says:

    It was an honor to stand for this American hero at Ft Belvoir, It is always a humbling experience when folks that are total strangers ask us to be present at such a sorrowful time in their lives. Months later he was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery and I was proud to stand in his honor there as well. I thank the Stern family for the honor and priveledge they gave us, PGR, by asking us to share part of that day with them. Every mission that we are asked to attend is very special to all of us and I can speak for everyone of us PGR riders when I say Thank You for the opportunity to be there as your loved one is laid to rest. It is taken very seriously by us all and always will be for as long as we will be “Patriot Guard Riders”

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