Marine Corps Poetry: The Nam

I never had the privilege
To serve in Vietnam.
I had my war
And that was it,
Into that war
I didn’t fit.
So, I sat on
The sidelines
And gave it
All I had.
It wasn’t much,
I do agree,
And I was
Really sad
To see the young’ins
For reasons
I found bad.

We came away
From that conflict,
No victory
Could we claim.
It was no fault
Of our Marines,
They fought a fight
With all their might
And kept their honor clean.

The outcome would
Have been different
Had they left it
To our choice.
We carried out
In which we had no

The commands
That came
From Washington
Were flawed
And not well made.
We were fighting a war,
Not going on parade!
Leave the fighting
To the Marines
Has always been
The way.
Don’t mess with
Our strategy
Or live to
Rue the day!

They sent them home
One by one,
No greetings
Or parades.
The people that
They fought for
Did not a
Welcome make.
The government
Ignored them.
Small attention
Did they get,
Just enough
To placate
And not too
Bloody great.

No matter if
Another war
Should come,
And come
They surely will.
There will never
Ever be
A war that
Haunts us
. . .Still.

Robert L Cook

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