Marine Corps News From World War Two: Mortars Blast Enemy On Namur

NAMUR, Kwajalein Atoll (Delayed)

“Our assault elements pushed the Japs back so fast on this small island that we were unable to bring up heavy concentrations of infantry supporting weapons for fear of hitting our own troops,” said 2dLt. William Capers James Jr., a mortar platoon leader in the Marine unit that took this island in 27 hours of bloody fighting.
Lt. James was able to register some telling fire on Jap pillboxes on the morning of the second day of fighting when troops called for mortar concentrations on the three remaining Jap pillboxes on the northeast shore of the island. Mortars softened up cornered Japs preliminary to the final assault by lumbering tanks.

From the 11March1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron


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