Marine Corps News From World War Two: Japs Hauled From Holes By Marines On Eniwetok Atoll

ENIWETOK ATOLL, Feb. 21 (Delayed)

When Corporal Robert H. Thompson of Detroit landed on the beach at Engebi, some four hours after the assault wave, he couldn’t wait to get at the enemy. He joined a mopping up party and stayed with them to rout the Japs from their holes. Every time the party saw a movement under some debris or in the bush they would go after it with entrenching tools, rifles ready. “Some we had to blast out of their tin lined boxes and others we could drag out,” said Corp. Thompson. “One time after we threw a hand grenade in what appeared to be one of their positions, four Japs ran from the hole and into the water.


The island was honeycombed with these two, three, and four man nests and it seemed every place the men looked, they found Japanese. Corp. Thompson believes that some of the Japanese they found are either brave or crazy. “We found one,” he says, “who kept wanting us to bayonet him and indicating the place on his chest. Another turned back as he ran and laughed when a Marine swore over a jammed rifle. We threw a grenade in one position and watched as a Jap jumped out of his hole, the grenade going off, and then jumped right back in again.”

Sgt. Benjamin J. Masselink, combat correspondent.

From the 11March1944 issue of the Marine Corps Chevron


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