Book Excerpt: For You Tyrone

It’s not very often that I will recommend a book, so when I do, trust me, it’s a good read.
Here’s the intro:


Hey, Tyrone! Listen up

if you can hear me!

I’ve got some things

I’d like to say to you.

They’re things I should have said

while you were living…

but, I guess I kind of thought

you always knew.

I never told you how I felt

about our friendship…

or put my arms around you,

’til you died;

and’ I never said I loved you

like a brother…

but, it was in my heart

and in the tears I cried!

I never told you that

because you stood beside me,

I faced things I never could

have faced alone.

But…if I had the skill…

and, if it should be God’s will…

Someday I’d write a song

for you, Tyrone!

I wish I could have told your Mom

about that hillside,

and how her brave young Ty

went charging through

to stop that gun and save his

friends from slaughter;

I know she would

have been so proud of you!

I’d like to tell the world

about your courage,

and say all the things

I never said to you;

Like, how your friendship

seemed to make me stronger,

to do things I hated,

but, I had to do!

For another chance to say these

things, in person…

God knows, I’d give up

every dream I own!

And…if my talent was that good…

and, if I thought I could

Someday, I’d write a song

For You, Tyrone!

…I remember how you

prayed to God, each evening,

with your helmet off and

with your young head bowed;

and, how you’d laugh and talk to me

about your Jesus…

and, sometimes, you’d read your Bible

right out loud!

I know your faith in

God’s essential goodness,

later led me to find Jesus

on my own!

And…if He’ll help me find a way

to say the things I have to say…

Someday I’ll write a song

For You, Tyrone!

The Title piece from the book AFTERMATH: A Song For Tyrone

© 2004 by Doug Todd – used here by permission

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